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We provide concierge reputation services to high visibility clients who want to put their strengths and values ahead of the fluff and negativity that often surfaces in the online world of today. Living in a “plugged-in” culture of instant communications, how do you respond to negative press? Where do you start? We can help you make the right impression a lasting one.

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    The initial client consultation or “interview” is our vital first step. We want to know where you have been and what you have been doing that has made the biggest impact on your life, your friends and your colleagues. This process helps us craft and shape the content and digital assets we will use to help you build a positive and lasting online reputation.


    After the initial Interview process, we methodically break down the life events that have shaped your persona and begin the process of creating a positive library of stories, articles, press releases, videos and images that reflect the persona you want seen online.


    We publish all digital content to online sources that have the best chance of being seen by your particular audience or target keywords. This process involves search engine optimization and placement of content where it makes the biggest impact on search results.

  • We pride ourselves on being a small boutique firm focused on providing concierge service to high-visibility clients throughout the world. With many years experience as reputation consultants and thought leaders in that space, our goal is to provide a roadmap of how to best put your strengths and values ahead of the fluff and negativity that often surfaces in the online world of “everything gets posted”. We often get asked; How should I respond to negative press? Where do I start? Well we can help you make the right impression a lasting one.

Our Expertise.

We offer specific expertise in accessing and developing a roadmap which can be used to create a more positive and realistic view of your online persona.

Persona Development

persona [pərˈsōnə] noun – The aspect of someone’s character that is presented to or perceived by others.

We assist in developing the right persona for the right audience you are reaching. Put your best foot forward and let us craft a message that will impact your reputation online.

Content Creation and Promotion

Content is what makes search engines work. Without it there would be no Google, Yahoo or Bing. So producing quality content that people (and search engines) want to read and share is a critical factor in what we do. Videos, Articles, Images and Press Releases have always been the tools of our trade, and optimizing them to YOUR benefit is what makes us experts in what we do.

Online Reputation Monitoring

How can you fix something that you never knew was broken? That’s where Reputation and Persona Monitoring come into play. We have developed technologies which enable us to monitor most media sources for negative and positive content posted by others. How we react to the content that is found is what we call a “case”, after-which a process is started to promote or demote each “case” using media campaigns. Having perfected this process to ensure a timely response is what makes us different than the rest.  

Personal and Corporate Branding

Whether you are a public figure or celebrity, sports team or athlete, executive or business owner, you have a public brand. Did you know that a personal brand is as important as a corporate brand? Have you ever wondered what potential consumers or existing clients think about your brand? We can help you get out of the weeds and give you actionable intelligence that can move your brand in the right direction.

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